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Mar 02nd, 2013

Washing Machine Advice: Avoiding detergent residues

Here are a couple of reasons why your washing machine may be leaving soap powder/liquid residues on your clothing after a wash.

Cause 1: The washing machine is overloaded

Overloading your washing machine's drum leaves insufficent space for powders or tablets to dissolve properly.  To prevent, make sure your washing machine is not over loaded.

Our Tip: Leave a hand's width of space between the wash load and the drum.

Cause 2: Low water pressure

If your home has low water pressure, it may mean that some of the detergent does not get flushed into the machine during  the wash fill process.  Any detergent left in the drawer could then be flushed into the machine during the rinse cycle.

Our Tip: Make sure all detergent is flushed into the drum during the wash fill and if your garments Rewash the effected garments with no detergent making sure they are part of a small load

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